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DIR EN GREY Toshiya & Shinya Special Issue!
Killer KB-EVIL STIGMA/NIGHTMARE Ni~ya Signature Bass Gray
Killer KB-EVIL STIGMA/NIGHTMARE Ni~ya Signature Bass Gray
78,750JPY  69,010JPY
Save: 9,740JPY off
Edwards/J (LUNA SEA) Signature model Bass '' FIRE BLACK ''
Edwards/J (LUNA SEA) Signature model Bass '' FIRE BLACK ''
147,000JPY  126,800JPY
Save: 20,200JPY off
Edwards/J (LUNA SEA) Signature model Bass '' SUN BURST ''
Edwards/J (LUNA SEA) Signature model Bass '' SUN BURST ''
110,250JPY  98,000JPY
Save: 12,250JPY off
Edwards/Electric Guitar HORIZON-III '' 7-Strings ''
Edwards/Electric Guitar HORIZON-III '' 7-Strings ''
141,750JPY  123,000JPY
Save: 18,750JPY off
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New Products For April - Book

BUCK-TICK/TAB Band score Book '' Kurutta Taiyou ''
Condition: Excellent Used Rlease day: 21/February/1991 Original title: ...
4,800JPY  2,400JPY
Save: 2,400JPY off
ONE OK ROCK / Official TAB Band score Book '' Ambitions
Condition: New Release date: 28/April/2017 Page: 192P Contents: 01. ...
Bang Dream! / Official TAB Band score book
Condition: New Release date: 26/April/2017 Page: 208P Contents: 01. ...

Featured Products - Book

Handbook '' METAL English/Japanese ''
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: May/2010 Lauguage: English, Jap...
Condition: New Release date: 04/July/2012 Language: Japanese ...
the GazettE/Archive Book '' SHOXX File the GazettE Edition 2 ''
Condition: New Release date: 31/August/2011 ...

Lm.C/ Special Issue '' SHOXX FiLE LM.C 2006-2011''
Condition: New Release date: 25/February/2012 Size: A4 Page: 304P (All...
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: December/2000 Language: Japanes...
BORN / '' Random Photobook 2012 ''
Condition: New Release date: September/2012 Page: 24P (Randomly selecte...

hide ( X JAPAN )/ TAB Book ''Guitar Karaoke Best 11'' with CD
Condition: New Relase date: 31/July/2013 Page: 136P Come with a minus ...
MAXIMUM THE HORMONE/TAB Bandscore'Yosyu Fukushu & Mimikajiru'
Condition: New Release date: 27/February/2016 Page: 320P + 96P {...
ONE OK ROCK / Sheet music '' We ares '' Solo Piano Collection
Condition: New Release date: 25/March/2017 Page: 128P Contents: [1...

Monthly Specials For April

kyo ( Dir en grey ) /1st poem book+CD ' Jigyaku rensou furan..'
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: August/2001 Original Title: ...
18,000JPY  6,300JPY
Save: 11,700JPY off
the GazettE/Official fan club book '' GARISH ROOM '' vol.08
Condition: Excellent Used ...
1,500JPY  750JPY
Save: 750JPY off
VROCK STAR .001/ Cover Artist: MUCC w/21 track CD
Condition: New Release date: 20/July2007 Contents: Mucc 10th Anniver...
1,500JPY  980JPY
Save: 520JPY off

abingdon boys school/TAB Band score '' primer -musical score- '
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: November/2010 Page: 296P Size:...
8,400JPY  5,400JPY
Save: 3,000JPY off
the GazettE/Photobook+CD ''Verwelktes Gedicht'' Limited Edition
Condition: Excellent Used Rlease date : 05/October/2005 Edition: Limitedd...
16,000JPY  9,800JPY
Save: 6,200JPY off
MIYAVI / Book+ DVD '' MIYAVI ~Slap The Beat.~ ''
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: 25/June/2013 Disc: 1 (DVD) Pag...
16,000JPY  11,000JPY
Save: 5,000JPY off

hide ( X JAPAN)/Photboook ' hide SOLO TOUR 1996 PSYENCE A GO GO'
Codition: Excellent Used Release date: 05/October/1998 Size: 29.8 x 23....
3,800JPY  2,400JPY
Save: 1,400JPY off
Plastic Tree/10th Anniversary Book+DVD '' Bokyaku Monologue ''
Condition: Excellent Used Release date: 15/September/2007 Includes a 50...
6,900JPY  3,450JPY
Save: 3,450JPY off
AION / TAB Bandscore '' Z ''
Condition: Excellent Used Rlease date: /199X Pages: 172P Contents: 01...
5,700JPY  4,800JPY
Save: 900JPY off

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