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How to estimate your shipping cost
  • All visitor can estimate exact total price automatically whether the visitor log-in or not.

1.Select Currency

  • Whenever you want, you can slect currency for your help. it's located left top column for all pages.

    *exchange rates is updated one time each day automatically.

2. Add to cart

  • Please press [add to cart button] for each item you want to buy.

    You will see a page for [the shipping cart] like below.

    Following image is an example for 2items. (Photobook x 1, Keyring x 1)

  • If you want to delete items from your shopping cart,simply press [delete] button.

  • Also, If you want to change quantity for the items, put number in the Qty box,

  • Then, press [reload] button for update.

  • Now you can see all of items which are added in your shopping cart.
    you can check Sub-Total price on the page also.

  • After adding items to cart, you can back this [the shopping cart] page anytime while you are shopping.

  • For checking out, Press [ Proceed to Checkout ] button inside of your cart, lacated in right-top column for [Shopping Cart].

3.Estimate Shipping Costs

  • After adding items to shopping cart, you can check exact shipping cost at bottom of the page for shopping cart.
    Please select your Country, States/Province (optional), and Postal Code/Zip Code (optional).

    Then, Press [ Update ] for display your exact shipping costs.

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Killer/Bass KB-DAGGER (Color:Snow White)
Killer/Bass KB-DAGGER (Color:Snow White)
94,500JPY  87,150JPY
Save: 7,350JPY off
Killer/Bass KB-DAGGER (Color:Black)
Killer/Bass KB-DAGGER (Color:Black)
94,500JPY  87,150JPY
Save: 7,350JPY off
Killer Guitars/KG-PIRATES MKII Color ABR
Killer Guitars/KG-PIRATES MKII Color ABR
105,000JPY  93,000JPY
Save: 12,000JPY off
Killer Guitars/KG-WISHBONE-V
Killer Guitars/KG-WISHBONE-V
210,000JPY  185,000JPY
Save: 25,000JPY off
Killer Guitars/KG-FIDES Compose Blue
Killer Guitars/KG-FIDES Compose Blue
340,000JPY  320,000JPY
Save: 20,000JPY off
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