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JE REVIENS/CD Album '' Ne'phesh ''


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  • Artist: D
  • Music Genre: Visual Kei

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JE REVIENS/CD Album '' Ne'phesh ''

Condition:Excellent Used
Release date: 21/October/1998
Disc: 1

Track Listing:
1. Delight
2. 緋色の思い/Hiiro no omoi
3. 時間の砂/Jikan no suna
4. 郷愁~ノスタルジア/Nostalgia
5. Garden of E’den
6. 始まりの終わり/Hajimari no Owari
7. 落日に口吻 /Rakujitsu ni kuchizuke

Asagi (D) is on vocal.

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