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Onmyoza/12CD+DVD Box set '' Onmyo Daizen ''

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  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kg
  • Artist: Onmyoza
  • Music Genre: Visual Kei

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Onmyoza/12CD+DVD Box set '' Onmyo Daizen ''

Condition: Excellent Used
Release date:22/December/2010
Disc: 13 Discs [12CDs+ 1DVD]
Edition: Limited Edition

Includes 10 remastered albums, two '' Side-B '' Discs, Music Video collection DVD and T-shirt.

DISC 01. 鬼哭転生/Kikokutenshou
DISC 02. 百鬼繚乱/Hyakkiryouran
DISC 03. 煌神羅刹/Koujinrasetsu
DISC 04. 封印廻濫/FuuinKairan
DISC 05. 鳳翼麟瞳/Houyokurindou
DISC 06. 夢幻泡影/Mugenhousyou
DISC 07. 臥龍點睛/Gryoutensei
DISC 08. 魔王戴天/Maoutaiten
DISC 09. 魑魅魍魎/Chimimouryou
DISC 10. 金剛九尾/Kongoukyuubi
DISC 11. Side B Cllection 1
DISC 12. Side B Cllection 2

Music Video Collection

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