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BUCK-TICK/Box set '' CATALOGUE ARIOLA 00-10 '' Ltd


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  • Artist: BUCK-TICK
  • Music Genre: Visual Kei

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BUCK-TICK/Box set '' CATALOGUE ARIOLA 00-10 '' Ltd

Condition: Excellent Used
Release date: 07/March/2012
Disc 4 (3CD + 1DVD)
Edition: Limited Edition
Others: 100P photo booklet

[Disc 1]
02. 21st Cherry Boy
03. 極東より愛を込めて
04. 残骸
05. 幻想の花
07. 蜉蝣-かげろう-
08. RENDEZVOUS~ランデヴー~
09. Alice in Wonder Underground
12. 独壇場beauty
13. くちづけ
14. MACHINE -Remodel- (Bonus Track)
※初回盤CDのみBonus Track「MACHINE」を収録!

[Disc 2 and 3: Audio CD]
Best 30songs in the 2 CDs (contents are revealed by the release.)

Music video archive their Victor-Mercury era.
Bonus video 「THE DAY IN QUESTION 2001~2009」

01. ICONOCLASM(2001.12.29)
02. NATIONAL MEDIA BOYS(2001.12.29)
03. SEXUAL !(2002.12.29)
04. 神風(2003.12.28)
05. RHAPSODY(2003.12.28)
06. MY EYES&YOUR EYES(2003.12.28)
07. パラダイス(2003.12.29)
08. EMPTY GIRL(2003.12.29)
09. Tight Rope(2004.12.29)
10. 悪の華(2004.12.29)
11. Brain,Whisper,Head,Hate is noise(2005.12.29)
12. Passion(2005.12.29)
13. 極東より愛を込めて(2006.12.29)
14. さくら(2006.12.29)
15. Alice in Wonder Underground(2008.12.29)
16. Memento mori(2009.12.29)
17. Snow white(2009.12.29)
18. MISTY ZONE(2009.12.29)

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