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the GazettE New Official TAB Band Scores!!
Ibanez Prestige/ Matt Bachand (Shadows fall) Signature model
Ibanez Prestige/ Matt Bachand (Shadows fall) Signature model
257,250JPY  223,500JPY
Save: 33,750JPY off
Ibanez Prestige/Electric Guitar SV5470F Natuarl Blue
Ibanez Prestige/Electric Guitar SV5470F Natuarl Blue
204,750JPY  171,400JPY
Save: 33,350JPY off
Ibanez j.custom/RG8420ZD Purple Amethyst
Ibanez j.custom/RG8420ZD Purple Amethyst
320,250JPY  283,000JPY
Save: 37,250JPY off
Ibanez j.custom/RG8420ZD Black Onyx
Ibanez j.custom/RG8420ZD Black Onyx
320,250JPY  283,000JPY
Save: 37,250JPY off
Ibanez/Joe Satriani Signature Model JS1000 BP
Ibanez/Joe Satriani Signature Model JS1000 BP
220,500JPY  184,000JPY
Save: 36,500JPY off

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Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery
We offer methods of delivery: Express:(EMS), Air mail:(Small Packet)

We effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. In-stock items are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours after confirmation of Payment.
Please note orders made after 1:00 PM(JST) will be entered the next day. Weekend orders will be processed on Monday.

Air mail(Small Packet)
Small Packet is the lower-cost shipping method for items shipped abroad. This service typically takes longer days for delivery, and does not offer the tracking service. Use of this service is restricted to items under 2kg (appx. 4.4lb). Small Packet cannot be used to send large items. Please note that some countries and regions do not accept Estimated time of delivery is about 2week to 1 month.

How to Calculate Shipping Cost
Each item on every page shows approximate weight and shipping charge. The displayed shipping charge is calculated based upon each itemís original weight in addition to any extra weight after wrapping, boxing subsequent item(s), and handling. For this reason, bulk shipping may result in reducing the shipping cost.
Please select your country of residence on the shopping cart screen. An accurate shipping charge will be displayed.

How to estimate shipping costs

Selection of Method of Delivery
At the time of check-out, customers are prompted to select a method of delivery. If the total weight exceeds 2kg (appx. 4.4lb), or if your country does not accept Small packet delivery method, we will ship using Express (EMS). (You can confirm on the shopping cart screen in advance whether or not this case is applicable to your country.)

Estimated Shipping Cost

Shipping Method


North America,
Central America,
Middle East


South America,Africa

Small Packet 0.3 kg

470 yen

600 yen

600 yen

770 yen

EMS 0.3 kg

1,100 yen

1,500 yen

1,800 yen

1,700 yen

Small Packet 0.5 kg

750 yen

960 yen

960 yen

1,250 yen

EMS 0.5 kg

1,100 yen

1,500 yen

1,800 yen

2,100 yen

Small Packet 1.0 kg

1,450 yen

1,860 yen

1,860 yen

2,450 yen

EMS 1.0 kg

1,800 yen

2,400 yen

2,800 yen

3,800 yen

Small Packet 2.0 kg

2,150 yen

2,760 yen

2,760 yen

3,650 yen

EMS 2.0 kg

3,000 yen

4,000 yen

4,600 yen

7,000 yen

Small Packet 5.0 kg

Not Available

EMS 5.0 kg

6,000 yen

8,200 yen

9,400 yen

16,000 yen

Small Packet 10.0 kg

Not Available

EMS 10.0 kg

10,200 yen

14,000 yen

16,200 yen

27,400 yen

Small Packet 15.0 kg

Not Available

EMS 15.0 kg

14,200 yen

19,500 yen

22,700 yen

37,900 yen

Shipping Date

Shipping process will be initiated after we have received a payment.

For Items in Stock:
We usually ship our items in stock within 2 or 3 business days.

For items out of stock:
In case the items you ordered are out of stock and we put them on backorder, we will notify customers of estimated days needed to order the item(s) by email to the registered email address after we have received a payment. If it takes longer days than usual for the item(s) on backorder to arrive in our shop, we will notify customers of such a situation by email.

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