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TAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare Drum


  • Shipping Weight: 5kg
  • Artist: X JAPAN
  • Music Genre: Visual Kei

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TAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare DrumTAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare DrumTAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare DrumTAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare DrumTAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare DrumTAMA / YOSHIKI ( X JAPAN ) Signature model Snare Drum

Codnition: New
Release date: 30/April/2016
Brabd: TAMA
Artilst: Yoshiki ( X JAPAN )

Size: 14 " 6"
Shell material: 1.0mm thick stainless steel shell w / RSE (Resonant Sound Edge)
Shell finish: mirror finish
Hoop: 10 tension
Die-cast hoops: MDH14-10 (drumhead), MDH14S-10 (back)
Head: playing surface: EVANS G1 Coated / back: EVANS Resonant 300
Strainer / bat: MUS80A / MUS80B
Hardware color: Chrome
Snappy: Starclassic Snappy Snare w / Snappy code
Carbon steel / 20 mains / 14 "for per inner surface (MS20SN14S)
Accessories: Drum Key (TDK10), snappy strap (MST20)

Legendary rock band drummer of "X JAPAN" to expand its activities worldwide, is YOSHIKI signature snare drum appeared!
TAMA snare drum was published in 2007 Series "Warlord Collection" of one model "KSS146" Spartan "" was fabricated snare drum on the base, signature model of YOSHIKI.
It is also a YOSHIKI own symbol under the commitment of "appropriate to Crystal drum set, you want to use a metal snare silver finish", from the North American tour around of 2010,
we have been using this KSS146 model. Signature model that becomes the current release, it is possible to be the same as the "Spartan" the basic specs, not buried among the band sound of loud,
sound with aggressive presence, but will remain appropriate to the image of YOSHIKI It is a snare drum that had a sparkling beauty and Kana appearance.
In addition, on the inner surface of the shell, the person autograph of Inside sticker is attached.

Aggressive sound - 1.0mm thick stainless steel shell w / RSE (Resonant Sound Edge)
Common to the metal shell snare drum often used high stainless steel shell rigidity than steel are in, TAMA original edge that you arrange a common double-Furanjido edge in vintage snare to the modern version, RSE (Resonant Sound Edge) it is adopted. And powerful volume, sound feature that combines a sharp attack. Moreover, it is exhilarating sound missing attractive at the time of the rim shot.

RSE (Resonant Sound Edge) The
Original edges to arrange a double Furanjido edge that had been adopted in vintage snare drum in the 1920s to the modern version. The edge portion on the inner side "is folded back to" By welding to the shell inner surface, creating a space in the edge part. This edge by increasing the adopted shell rigidity, tight solid sound, but will remain in with a metal shell, as if either of like a wood shell, has realized the mellow and plump body resonance.

Looks - "Warlord lag & emblem" w / Swarovski Crystal
In this signature snare drum, its by its own recipe and cut technology was incorporated into the design of the famous Swarovski manufactured by Crystal also international, TAMA original "Warlord" is adopted lag and emblem. Is located in the center of the clear crystal shine a sense of transparency, we are finishing the design with a clear presence of the contours of which the motif a straight line.

Swarovski crystal and is
Swarovski (Swarovski) Inc. crystal glass manufacturer representative of Austria, which was founded in Austria in 1895. Swarovski crystal glass, contains a lot of lead oxide, is that the famous produce a unique shine. Old has been with the Versailles Palace and the Opera House chandelier parts, including the rhinestone in recent years, crystal glass of the world's best used many accessories products such as beads pendant top button.

Private Emblem - YOSHIKI "X JAPAN" plate
This snare drum, with the addition of Swarovski Corp. Crystal to the arrangement was "Warlord" emblem, which treated the sign of X JAPAN logo and YOSHIKI, we attached a special emblem plate to the shell outer surface. In addition, on the inner surface of the shell, as proof of signature models, YOSHIKI autograph autographed Inside sticker is pasted.

Head of the snare drum, you are also used in TAMA Starclassic, etc., adopted EVANS Corp. head. EVANS G1 Coated in the playing surface, on the back is a combination of EVANS Resonant 300.

Snappy also adopted a snappy MS20SN14S that have adopted the TAMA Starclassic like. The same as when using the principal, will ship in the specification that was attached by snappy code.

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